Monday, September 12, 2011


Mom met with the Neurologist and he told mom more information and expectations.  He told mom that I was improving miracously.  He said "I am not sure what you're doing or what you're telling her, but keep doing it, it appears to be working"... Mom thanked God for his love and mercy and could not wait to get back to me and spend me time with me.  The same day before mom was ready to go home for the night the nurse came by.  Mom says she sat next to mom and gave her words of incouragement and talked to mom about faith and hope.  Mom says the nurse told her that all the Dr.'s and Nurses all say that I am so beautiful and will grow up to be an Amazing Child.  The nurse said, "She is a Strong one".  I am and I come by it naturally is what Grandma says, all the time.  The next day when mom came for her visit, there was more improvement.  The Dr. came to see mommy and he told mommy that I continue to improve and this night under very close supervision and monitoring they were going to see how I would do with out the Oxygen line.  The Dr. told mommy that if I could breath on my own without it through the night and the next day until mommy came to visit with good results, I might get to go home.  Mommy says she cried with excitement.  ***Got to go for right now, will write more soon***

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