Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February 9, 2018 - The Night to Shine Prom.. Sponsored by Tim Tebow Foundation

Leaving for the BIG Event


Starting to get Excited
Seat Belt... wow this car is long
Sassy... I feel pretty
Rose Corsage

This was a fun Evening... Music, Food, Dancing, Pictures and a lot of new friends.... Looking forward to Next Year.  Thank You Tim Tebow and everyone in Argyle Texas for the special memories.

The before ... The Night to Shine Prom

Getting Ready to head out for Lunch

The Butterflies are messing with my stomach

       So just in case you have never heard of The Night to Shine Prom.   It
      was a lot of fun.   I will be posting more pictures.   The Night to Shine Prom is
    sponsored by TIM TEBOW... yep that one.   Tim Tebow Foundation supports
    special needs or as we also say differently abled individuals.  We had a night
   of fun and dancing and LOUD music... kind of hurt my ears and it was hot in the 
  room.  I did make some friends.. but I can't remember their names right now.  I
  got to ride in a big long white Limo..I think I had the best seat, next to the window
and the door.  So much excitement, and I was very nervous... Well ..I didn't know
anybody and there was a lot of people.  Mommy and Grandma were there.  I picked
out my dress and I will never ever forget my shoes.. Two different pairs, the heals were
pretty but the killed my feet.  I had a back up pair that matched my dress and they were
perfect and FLAT.  Thank God.   Well I am tired, and I need to get to bed, school tomorrow.  I have so many more pictures will post more later.  Good Night

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Frustrating and Awkward Weekend

Great Aunt Levita and Her Husband Lewis.  Reunited in Heaven.
Laying Aunt Levita to Rest.  Now in the arms of Jesus. 
I always wondered how they did this. 
Aunt Amiee and Aunt Judy.  I just call them Aunts, I know most of them are Cousins and Great Cousins.
Aunt Iva and Grandma
Aunt Vonda, Aunt Linda and Aunt Emma all from New Mexico
Uncle Charles and Aunt Aimee from Arkansas.  I like Uncle Charles is so Funny
Family get together after Levitas going home.  We met in her home to remember her.  Lots of family and memories.  One thing I will remember is there were no tears.  Family said it was because this was a happy time.  We celebrated Levita being reunited with her Love Lewis and now with Jesus.  That's a happy time.
Having some alone time with mommy in Aunt Levitas other room, wrapped up in her quilt.  Can really feel the love in her home.  Mommy told me stories about Levita and her mommy Great Aunt Grace who was my grandma's Aunt and sister to Grandma's mommy.   That's alot to remember.  What I will remember is that there is alot of family who love me.  That feels good.

Christmas 2017 - Fort Worth TX

This was a fun Christmas, I got everything I was hoping for and MORE.  Thank you 

Book One- Prince Dustin and Clara... If you love the Nutcracker, you'll love this book

Love this book, can't wait to get Book Two... 🌷

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas Eve 2017 - When you are a teenager, waiting is a difficult option

Anticipation, Anticipation... its making me wait

Alright already, can I open one please?

Is it time yet...  I can't sleep, ready to open gifts.