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Right Frontal Infarct

What Are the Effects of a Frontal Lobe Stroke?

From Jose Vega M.D., Ph.D., former Guide
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Description: What Are the Effects of a Frontal Lobe Stroke?
Brain's Frontal Lobes
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Question: What Are the Effects of a Frontal Lobe Stroke?
Answer: Frontal lobe strokes can cause a variety of effects which range from weakness to lack of motivation. For this reason, it is helpful to separate these effects into four categories.
·         Weakness or paralysis on the side of the body opposite the stroke
·         Unmasking of primitive reflexes such as instinctive sucking, grasping, and groping
·         Compulsive mimicking of facial gestures made by others
·         Compulsive repetition of a movement (motor perseveration)
·         Abulia
·         Apraxia of gait
·         Urinary incontinence
Speech and Language
·         Broca’s aphasia (when stroke affects the dominant language hemisphere)
Cognition and Intellect
·         Lack of initiative, vacillation, mood changes and inattentiveness
·         Difficulty solving problems (goal-directed behavior) in different realms of cognition including psycholinguistic, constructive, logical, and arithmetical
Behavior and Personality
·         Profound lack of initiative and motivation
·         Spontaneous expression of socially inappropriate remarks
·         Irritability
·         Carelessness and apathy
·         Inappropriate and seemingly random persistence and repetition of certain behaviors

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Fort Worth Christmas Light Parade

The TV Camera was putting the Parade on TV... I smiled at him..

Building memories... Enjoying the lights

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Road Trip Texas Capitol Austin

Austin Texas, State Capitol;  Felt like visiting a really nice park, Squirels and everything;