Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm home from School

Today was very busy at school.  But yeah no homework.  Mom says I can work on my Blog for a little
while, but not very long since I am really tired.  I ate cheese nachos for lunch today and white milk.  My friends at school are, J. J and Devony, Anna, they are nice to me, we play together at recess.  We talk about girl toys like Barbies, Littlest Pet Shops and Hello Kitty.  We talk about my kitty, I tell them she is a pain in the butt and likes to run and chase me.  Her name is Tinkerbell, I sometimes call her Tinky, or Bubba's, or Ms Baby.  I like to play ball outside, I play kick ball with my friends, I kick it hard.  We also like to swing together.  Anna says she likes being my friend.  The nurse came to class and gave me my meds today, like she does everyday at school.  Well I got to go, I want to watch Nick Jr. until dinner time, then I eat, then I take a shower and brush my teeth, put my jammies on and its bedtime.  Maybe I can talk more tomorrow.  See ya :)

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