Sunday, September 11, 2011

Part II: True Love Story

After quite some time, mom started to become anxious and did not want to stay in bed in rest.  She proceeded to ring the buzzer to the nurses station.  Her nurse came in and asked what she could do to help.  Mom states I need to know what is going on.  I want to see me daughter.  The nurse started to explain to mom " you need to stay in bed and rest, you went through a tramatic experience, according to your chart you experienced a large tear requiring 30 stitches and Dr. has notes saying you must rest.  Mom was not cooperative and insisted on seeing her daughter.  Nurse says, " I'll go speak with the Dr. and I'll be right back".  Thirty minutes or so passed and nurse returns with Wheelchair.  Mom was taken down to NICU where she would stay for many many hours.   Hours flew by like minutes with all the communication with Dr.'s, Specialist and Nurses and Attending Staff.  Mom was taken to bedside of daughter where she broke down and almost fell to the floor.  If it were not for the Nurse standing behind her, mom would have hit the floor.  The tears flowing down her face as she looked at her little baby girl, bundled in a blanket, at the foot of her bed a little pink sign saying "Kearstyn -----, 8 lbs 15.4oz born August 1, 20--, 21 inches.  The nurses created beautiful little picture drawings and put them around her bedside, notes of love and prayers.  As mom got closer with help of Nurses guiding her to stand she peered down as close as she could get.  Not able to pick her up because of the many many wires and tubes.  She had wires on her little head, on her little tiny hand and wires to her belly button.  Another wire attached to her little foot.  Mom asked the nurse why?  She was then told what had happened in a brief version and told what the different wires were and what they were doing.  The wires in tummy are to feed her.  Wires to her nose is Oxygen.  Wire to her foot is where we took her blood and we are monitoring her.  Nurse states "you can touch her mom, she knows your touch".  Mom softly and quietly rubbed little Kearstyn hand and told her "Mommy's here baby", "You're going to be ok" with tears running down her face and having difficulty holding back the shaking in her voice.  The nurses left mom alone with little Kearstyn for about 5 minutes maybe a little longer with mom standing next to her little bed and the bubble over her little body.  Her little hands were clinched tightly and her eyes clothes, but with a peaceful sense on her little face.  Nurses came back with a rocking chair and stated that we need to discuss with you on breast feeding and then the Nurologist is going to come by and speak with you.  After time of instruction on breast feeding into bottles for the nurses to feed Kearstyn.  The Nurologist came by and asked mom to come with him.  Mom was told about the 3 strokes and shown the MRI / Xray, and told what she was seeing, the gray areas and what they were.  Definition was told "Right Frontal Infart", nothing more than that was told, no expectation only that Kearstyn would need to stay in the hospital for undetermined amount of time right now.  Mom remained in the hospital for 3 days, spending the majority of her time at bedside.  Family and Friends were notified and the Prayers and Prayer Groups started.  Mom comes from a very Faith driven family and knows the power of prayer.  She began talking to the Lord and asking him for strength, wisdom, and guidance.  Mom prayed over her little Kearstyn and dedicated her to him and asked for Angels of protection around her and her bed.   Mom prayed for peace for herself and she prayed that the Lord would send help to her.  Mom stayed by her bed and as the days went by little Kearstyn's condition slowly began to shows glimmers of improvement and hope.  Mom was able to sit next to her bed in the rocking chair and the nurses would put little Kearstyn in her arms for mom to rock her and talk to her, while still attached to the many wires.  Mom was able to start feeding her with a bottle and breast milk and little Kearstyn started fixing her eyes on Mommy.  Mommy would sing to her, talk to her and tell her about all the wonderful things she would do in her life.  Mommy would tell her how beautiful and smart she is.  Mommy would tell her about all the family that can't wait to meet her.  Kearstyn over the days would start gaining little bits of weight and would start smiling when she would see mommy for mommy's visits.  Mommy stayed at her bedside and occassionally was only gone for a few hours at a time.  Mommy would sleep in the rocking chair next to her bed and kept her finger touching Kearstyn's hand, every moment she was able to.  Several more days went by and the Dr. came to talk with Mommy.  He said "Keartstyn is having difficulty doing BM", we really need her to poop.  She must stay here until we are certain she is able to go home with some ability to be away from the hospital.  She was still on Oxygen, but according to the Dr.'s she could go home on Oxygen but the BM issue was a concern.  Mommy, went back to bedside, and cuddling and bonding with Kearstyn would have conversation with Kearstyn.  Kearstyn rocking in the chair and mommy telling her " ok Kearstyn, Mommy needs you to poop, it's really important that you do this, so you can get out of here and go home".  Mommy prayed a long prayer asking the Lord to help and heal her little Kearstyn.  The next day when Mommy came by for visit she was approached by Nurse with smile on her face, prior to mom getting to bedside.  Nurse said , "We have good news today". "Kearstyn Pooped!!!" in quite a excited voice, her tone elevated enough for the other nurses attending the other babies to turn their heads and look and smile.  The nurse stated, "The Dr. wants to meet with you and discuss expectations".  Mommy was SO excited the tears just kept flowing and flowing and her face felt as though it was on fire from the salt of the tears.  Wiping away the constant flow of tears and swollen eyes she could not stop from smiling and thanking God for this wonderful miracle.  Mom went and spoke with Dr. Nurologist regarding what had happened and what was the next step.  *****I'll be right back with more Shortly**** 9/11/2011 4:15pm

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