Sunday, July 5, 2015

Road Trip Denver July 2015... Now it gets fun.. BRONCOS!!

I got to go to one of my MOST favorite places.  The Denver BRONCOS home.  YEAH!!
   On the highway (I25) to the Stadium.

 This was soooo cool to get to be here next to the Pat Bowlen statue.  Mr. Bronco Owner.

    I sat in this spot 8 years ago  in the opposite direction, revisiting Memories


I was so happy to get to go to the Denver Broncos Stadium... My favorite team.  Mom told
me a story that when I was born... 13 years ago; my mom brought me home from the hospital and we watched my first Bronco football game and the Quarterback back then was Plummer.  Mom says she
would ask me when I got a little older, what does the Quarterback do and I would say "Touch Down"..  I LOVE the Broncos.  They ARE my team.  I want Payton Manning to win a Super Bowl for the Bronocs just like Elway did TWICE.

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