Sunday, September 11, 2016

The EEG Experience

Sleep Deprived, early morning...
First Step adding the 25 lines with the GOOP Gel in my hair.. YUCK!
Blowing on a pin wheel over and over again
So ready for this to be over
GOOD.. Almost done, time to get out of here.  Removing the wires.
See ya.  Time to get my hair washed.

 What is an EEG?  Electrical waves that measure the brain.  Painless, no needles. Takes
time and goopy gel to attach the computer electrodes in place.  Does not hurt.

EEG= Electroencephalogram

Why use an EEG?  To distinguish epileptic seizures from other types of spells, such as psychogenic non epileptic seizure, syncope (fainting), sub-cortical movement disorders and migraine headaches.

Also Epilepsy monitoring to characterize seizures for the purpose of treatment.

 A Typical Routine EEG, includes 15 minutes each of awake (open eye and closed eye exercise).  Following partial sleep deprivation and awakening. 

Basically.. the computer line Thingys read my brain.  Now, wait to hear from the Dr., who reads the results.  This is my third EEG.

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