Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tinkerbell and Little Boy Blue

Pictures truely tell the story.

Tinkerbell quietly sitting and gazing out the window.  A slight purring and chattering sound could be
heard.  The sounds were like she was talking to something outside but not wanting to scare it away.  After more investigation, the story intenses.

After glancing through the mini blinds just to see if there was anything to see.  We intently scanned the patio through the flowers that we blooming.

The patio is in much beauty and very fragrant but not much going on.  Oh wait!!

Within a split second there was all sorts of action on the patio.  Squeeling and squacking, a whole new world opened on the patio.  A real life drama unfolded.  The little eyes of Tinkerbell were telling the story of Little Boy Blue from a cats view.  A newly born baby Blue Jay "Little Boy Blue" flew for the first time out of his nest in the near by tree and purched on the patio for Tinkerbell to see.

Beyond the human eye and hustle and bustle of our busy day, the baby Blue Jay flew in to say.. there is life when you take time to stop and smell the flowers.  

Introduction Please... Hello to Baby Boy Blue.  The next two hours, this little delicate new born would remind everyone and everything around it how precious live is.
With every click of the camera and every different shot taken by the camera the world outside the window, told a beautiful story.  We would see this little innocent and delicate creature that our God created in just minutes, came to brighten our day.  As if to say to us.. I created this little life to remind you that I also created yours.  Our lives are just as important and significant as this little baby bird and we all have our job to do on this earth.

During the two hours of the memorable visit, we would silently watch this little bird grow before our eyes.  With every click of the camera, Little Boy Blue would pose and flutter as if saying.. " I see you, peeking at me through the window"... but I am not afraid.  I feel peace here in the patio garden.
For two hours the world of the Blue Jay family seemed to silence the world as we know it.  For two hours there wasn't any hate crimes, politics, money woes or day to day burdens.  For two hours in this day there was calmness, love, peace, happiness in world of Tinkerbell and Baby Blue.  This day though had something coming that could not have been in advance.  Reality would show its self. 
Within 6 hours of enjoying this beautiful story and taking time to step out of the normal every day stresses, a dangerous storm was brewing off to the west.  The storm was heading our way and during the night lightning, thunder, large winds and flooding.   In the early morning we would adventure out as we always have to enjoy the smells of the morning, to hear the singing birds and smell the flowers.  This morning though would bring heartache.  The storm the previous night brought death to the garden patio.  Baby Blue was found in the flower pot below, no longer to chatter, or flutter or bring joy out our window to our patio garden.  The story is just a gentle reminder to cherish your life and the world outside your window.

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  1. from prayers from the Ark by Carmen Bemos De Gasztold...

    The Prayer of the Little Bird

    Dear God
    I don't know how to pray by myself
    very well,
    But will You please
    protect my little nest from wind and rain?
    Put a great deal of dew on the flowers, many
    seeds in my way.
    Make Your blue very high,
    Your branches lissome;
    let Your kind light stay late in the sky
    and set my heart brimming
    with such music that I must sing, sing, sing...
    Please Lord.