Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Serious Conversation with Santa

Deep Conversation with Santa;
Conversation went something like this. . .
Santa . .  I have tried very hard this year, I have been naughty a few times
but I told mom I was sorry;  Mommy says I need to make better choices;  I know I need
to listen to mommy better.  Santa says, "Kearstyn, I know you are trying
and that is all Mommy and Grandma and I want from you.  You are very smart and
we have faith in you.  Now because I know you are a good little girl what would you like
for me to bring you for Christmas...  Well Santa,I would really like a Lolly Lopsy Doll, and a basketball and
Nintendo Ds games.  I really like Hello Kitty too...  Kearstyn says, Thank you Santa
for my Bike and my scooter last year.

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