Friday, October 28, 2011

VIDEO Valley View Last Day


  1. Saying Good Bye to one chapter of school. But looking forward to a whole new adventure.

  2. hi its mariza from school in shool vally veiw elementry school roswell new mexico i miss you sooo much i asked everyone in our class if they missed you and guess what they said.........YES!!i just wanted to spred the news miss you love you god bless you!!!!!

  3. Response to friends from Valley View;
    Thank you for your message; Hi to all of you too at Valley View; I liked your reply message; I miss you too; I really like Texas; I play basketball, I ride my bike, and I sing in school choir; Mom says I will be in dance class in the spring. I like the Lady Raiders Texas Tech Basketball, maybe someday I could be a Lady Raider. I really like basketball, I have a basketball court by my house, the coach at school says I am good at it, just need to keep practicing; God Bless you all too; Take care mariza; *** Kearstyn